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My Holiday in Guernsey

Posted by on Mar 23, 2016 in Travel | Comments Off on My Holiday in Guernsey

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the island of Guernsey with my partner. We decided that we wanted to go for a couples weekend away but didn’t want to travel too far from home, or be caught up in the hustle and bustle of a typical city break. After a bit of research we came across Guernsey, now I must admit that I had not previously considered this little island that’s tucked away in the English Channel as a destination for a romantic getaway. But the more I researched the island the more it made sense – it has stunning scenery, a wide range of activities, great food and is only a 35 minute flight from London.

We made our trip on the Thursday morning. Our flight to Guernsey only took 40 minutes, and it was paired with great views as we approached the island from above.  We landed and went straight to hotel – a meer 10 minutes ride in a taxi. That is one of the amazing things we found about Guernsey during our whole trip – the island is relatively small so it doesn’t take long to get anywhere! You can be walking the south coast cliffs in the morining and then head to a country pub for lunch. Anyway, back to our first day.

We arrived at our hotel that was in central St. Peter Port (the islands town). After dropping off our bags we headed straight out for a bite eat, wondering down the high street we were met with lots of options. We opted for seafood and it was fantastic – clearly fresh off the boats that morning! In the afternoon we continued to stroll around the town, heading into the quirky shops and exploring the old district. We even popped into the house where the famous Victor Hugo lived.

walking_around_the_south_coast_cliffsThe next day we wanted to get out to the coast and explore the islands scenery by taking a cliff walk. We actually started the far end of St Peter Port then took a breath taking hike along the south coast cliffs. After a couple of hours we stopped at a great little lunch spot overlooking a dramatic bay before carrying on for the afternoon. We then bused back to town for a night of stunning food and a few classy cocktails.

On our final day we decided to head out and visit some of Guernsey’s fantastic heritage sites and interesting places. From castle cornet that overlooks the towns harbour, to the quaint little chapel in heart of the islands rural interior. We had a great time exploring during our Guernsey holiday. I would recommend it for any couple looking to get away from the mainland for a short romantic break!




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Your Guide To Hotels In Acapulco

Posted by on Nov 2, 2015 in Uncategorized | 555 comments

Your Guide To Hotels In Acapulco

Acapulco formally known, as Acapulco de Juárez is a city with the significant port remains in the state of Guerrero. It is on the pacific coast of Mexico as well as 190 miles away from Mexico City. The environment in Acapulco is warm throughout. The city has all the qualities of being a preferred visitor area.

It is one of the most exhilarating cities around the world with ranges of fun filled things occurring at this area. Acapulco is the stupendous visitor location for the visitors that use this area for long holidays and also weekend breaks.

The city has 2 coastline resorts making this place a prominent visitor destination for one as well as all. With its budget friendly airfares this location ended up being the preerence for those that love sports, nightlife and worldwide cruise liner package deals.

Hold your breath because this is the place, which supply you exhilaration and also enjoyable for untamed euphoria. The pleasurable as well as moderate sub-tropical environment makes it a regularly checked out place. People come all year round to delight in the eruptive night life in bars as well as clubs which rocks the whole city. In Acapulo most clubs are open bars and also have been designed to serve the American public.

One of the most popular ones are Palladium, Mandara, and Privado; you will certainly listen to mostly American music in addition to some most preferred Mexican music, which consists of rock, rap and pop. Also you can see great shows that include a combo of lip-synching, crossdressers, and Latin dance.

Acapulco is a dynamic city with its vivid nightlife yet it is also a hub of journey sporting activities particularly the unlimited water sports. Acapulco’s island Roqueta is merely breathtaking which supplies a various unidentified encounter with its transparent base motorboats which aids you to get the cleat view of the sea.

The seaside waters provide you a possibility to choose deep sea fishing, water winter sports, diving, para-sailing, cruising and also snorkeling expeditions. The taxi and also bus services offer very easy transportation inside the city.

There are numerous hotels in the fantastic city of Acapulco that are the fantastic areas to stay in the city. In these hotels you can locate the world-class cottage and also the best part is due to the tourist-oriented nature of the city, you can locate a resort that is suitable for each budget. Allow it be downtown, or proximity to the airport terminal or to one of the most vibrant parts of the city, there is no scarcity of resorts.

You can discover the restaurants offering the finest specials that make their means from around the globe. It is such an advantage for the international visitors that they could discover the best of cooking from their continent right in the dining establishments of the city. The luxury resorts in the city offer cool areas, gym and also health clubs, airport pick-up,car rentals as well as many more perks. It is most ideal making previous reservations prior to making your means to the city to prevent eleventh hour troubles.

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Where To Eat Lunch in London

Posted by on Oct 16, 2015 in England, London | Comments Off on Where To Eat Lunch in London

London is undeniably a fantastic, fascinating and fun city. However, after spending a morning exploring and seeing the sights, you can certainly work up a real appetite. Plus, the city can be rather expensive for many things, food included. However, with a bit of knowhow, you can find yourself a lovely lunch in London without hurting your wallet. Here are some of our favourite great value lunch spots in London.

Tonkostu East

If you find yourself in Hackney looking for a tasty bite to eat that won’t blow your budget, consider Tonkostu East. This exciting Japanese venue serves fresh and tasty oriental dishes that also offer extremely good value. The chefs make the noodles in-house, and they are paired with a whole host of sauces, meats and seafood to make up some truly exciting meals. Big portions for small prices make this lunch spot a real gem.


Lebanese cuisine is exciting and varied, and is becoming ever more popular in London at the moment. Meza is your first choice if you’ve worked up a hunger in the Tooting area, offering a wide range of meze and grilled meals that are healthy and filling as well as delicious. Despite the very good prices you can tell that the food is made fresh, to an impeccable standard. Plus, it’s great for vegetarians!



Upper Street is the longest stretch of restaurants in Europe, and you’re well and truly spoiled for choice when looking for a delicious dinner in the area. However for a lunch on a budget, you’ll have to look a little more carefully. Thankfully Vivo has the solution to your problem. It is an Italian restaurant on Upper Street loved for breakfast, lunch and dinner, while the a la carte menu offers stunning value for money. When you pay £6.90 for a pizza in Islington, you don’t expect a 12-inch Neapolitan style one, but that’s what you get at Vivo!


Borough Market

If you believe that variety is the spice of life, then Borough Market is the ideal place for you and friends and family to enjoy a cheap lunch in London. Stalls selling foods from all over the world evoke aromas that will have your taste buds begging. Just be sure not to stick around too long, or you may find yourself tempted to have more than one lunch, and although delicious that wouldn’t be as much of a bargain! However the market is an attraction in itself, so you should allow yourself to fully enjoy it and broaden your food horizons!

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Having Fun On Your Weekends Without Spending A Penny

Posted by on Oct 6, 2015 in Uncategorized | 379 comments

Having Fun On Your Weekends Without Spending A Penny

Source: Flickr

Recently, weekend breaks have actually been a thing of the past. I have actually been placing in added time with my partner, trying to obtain our new business opportunity up and running. All our added “enjoyable” time has entered into maintaining the lawn up, pruning the bushes and also keeping the garden well. It’s been difficult aiming to maintain our timetables with each other as well as to have at any time we can really call “cost-free”. In order to recover sanity in our marital relationship, we’ve made a decision that weekend breaks are going to be simply for us. We’ve decided to take breaks on the weekends to make sure that our company lives do not end up being a seven-day weekly recommendation. Our lives had come to be merely one job after another and also we made a decision that if we really did not really plan for a weekend break off, we would certainly never ever actually get one by accident.

When we took our very first weekend break far from home, we thought a beautiful motorway drive would be enjoyable. We believed it would behave to remain at tiny, quaint areas– like the B&B we had consistently looked for. We actually had fun other than that we ended up going back as well as forth, explaining about business as well as fretting about every single dime we spent. Finally, we chose that these fantastic trips, while enjoyable, were costing us more than our anxiety degree might take care of. So we changed gears completely as well as chosen to take a little of time far from our Saturday job and also a bit even more time far from our Sunday job. Rather than disappearing, we would certainly put in the time to do something as a couple or just check out with pals.

We found that this was a terrific suggestion. We’ve invested the last number of weekend breaks actually appreciating our selves. I have actually even gardened a great deal without seeming like it was a chore I had to do. I took a bike ride or even welcomed my neighbor to come with me. It was actually enjoyable. We cooked some amazing meals as well as consumed them leisurely, enjoying our own selves and also taking pleasure in a stress-free time with each other. Even an uninteresting task like doing the dishes was enjoyable as well as left us without stress. While we invested our time doing the simplest of points, we permitted ourselves to engage in some high quality time together. Also a lot better, it didn’t cost us an additional money! By arranging our weekend break while continuing to be in the house, the weekends have actually lasted much longer and also we appreciated the fact that we really did not have to pack our bags everyday. Our destination was right at home.

We’ve enjoyed our weekends off a lot that this week we’re intending on welcoming a few of our closest friends as well as neighbors over for some games and a preference of a brand-new dessert dish we discovered. The next evening we intend on visiting the local bar for a few beverages featuring several of our various other friends. Again, while these points appear simple, they offer us peace and reduce our tension level. Remarkably, this brand-new lease on life has offered me more energy compared to I’ve ever before had prior to as well as I am much more enthusiastic about the business we’ve started.

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Cheap Weekend Break

Posted by on Sep 28, 2015 in Uncategorized | 1 comment

Cheap Weekend Break

Among one of the most substantial aspects of vacation travel in Europe has actually been the current explosion of interest in the time-out vacation market. No-frills airline companies have led the way to launching affordable trips from London and regional airports to locations throughout Europe. A short weekend break in some thrilling city has now become a feasible option to resting at home in front of the television set.

A UK study of Britain’s holiday practices lately shows that the weekend getaway industry is currently worth a remarkable ₤ 34 billion a year. Individuals are investing a typical amount of ₤ 760 a year on these breaks, flying off to European cities, cultural celebrations as well as special occasions.

The three-day break is most popular, with 21 % of respondents taking Friday off work to fly out as well as 34 % arriving back late Sunday evening, offering them some 55 hrs away.

Edinburgh and also Glasgow were some of the most prominent weekend break areas in UK, while Paris, Amsterdam, Palma, Dublin, Brussels, Venice, Nice as well as Madrid were their most prominent European weekend locations. Various other airlines have reported strong passion in Prague, Rome and Barcelona.

The crucial ingredients to an effective weekend break away were investing high quality time with a companion, tasting local food and drink, cultural sightseeing, weather and also, (for the women), shopping. Nightlife, unsurprisingly, was more crucial to the younger vacationers compared to the much more senior.

Psychologist Dr. Aric Sigman claimed, “The outcomes suggest that the British have actually now established appropriate retreat strategies to counterbalance the fact that they work the lengthiest hours in Europe. The low price as well as accessibility of short haul travel now makes it possible for individuals to truly get away psychologically as well as mentally. As a matter of fact it has been found that when it involves taking care of tension, frequent short breaks are much more efficient than occasional lengthy vacations.

Whatever the reason, several UK locals are now benefiting from rock bottom no-frills prices to invest 4 or even more breaks in the thrilling cities of Ireland, Scandinavia, Europe as well as the Mediterranean during the summer season, the German Christmas Markets and Alpine ski slopes in wintertime. Visitors to the UK from North America are additionally benefiting from these no-frills flight choices, sprucing up their trip in England with short breaks in cities as far afield as Copenhagen, Berlin, Prague in the Czech Republic, Spain’s Barcelona as well as Athens in Greece.

Given the astronomical prices asked for by West End restaurants where supper for 2 could set you back ₤250 or even more, it makes good sense to take off for a paella to the sound of Spanish guitar in Barcelona, a spaghetti and also a bottle of Bardolino under the stars at a pavement dining establishment in the Piazza Santa Maria in Rome’s Trastevere, or a much more costly enchanting supper for 2 on a Seine bateau mouche in Paris. Before only the jeunesse dore and the jet set glitterati can manage such overindulgences. Yet things have actually transformed as well as many like to take a number of such enjoyable jaunts with the year instead of organizing a lengthy trip.

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5 Essential Places To Visit In London

Posted by on Sep 15, 2015 in England, London, Travel | Comments Off on 5 Essential Places To Visit In London

London city is not only the capital of the UK and England, but he does also the most populous city which hosts many different cultures, languages and people.  If you truly want to meet people from all over the world, you can just come to London!

Furthermore, there are many exciting things you can do and see in London, however, I would like to single out these five places which in my opinion are the essential places which you must visit once you are in London.

Royal_Wedding_London_EyeIf you want to admire the panoramic view of London make sure and that you visited the London eye.  It will give you a unique opportunity to see the amazing architecture of London, as well as the astonishing river that flows through London and gives life to it, of course the amazing Thames. The London Eye is situated just on the bank of the Thames River.  Even though it is not the tallest Ferris wheel in the world, it is still pretty much tall, and it still is the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe.  If you would like to discover true magic behind this Ferris wheel, wait until the nightfall.  During the night, the London Eye is most beautifully lit and it is a delight to see it both from a far, as well as from the inside.

If you plan to spend your holiday in London, make sure that you visit the Tower of London.  The tower of London has played a significant part in the British history.  Even though today it is a World Heritage Site, once it has been a prison to many important political figures. The tower of London is located just on the bank of the Thames, and it is the place where you can see the popular ravens as well as the Crown Jewells.

greenwichDuring your holiday in London don’t forget to visit Greenwich. Greenwich is found in London area, actually in south-east London. Also, here you can visit the Royal Observatory and the prime meridian.  If you visit the prime meridian, don’t forget to take a picture with the stainless steel which represents it.  Also if you notice a powerful green laser which beams its light across the sky over London, you should know that it is used to mark the prime meridian during the night.

Your holiday in London will not be complete if you skip to visit the British Museum.  This museum is dedicated to human history and culture.  Also, it’s one of the largest museums which contains 8 million artefacts from all over the world.  Therefore, if you would like to experience the human history of basically the entire world, all you have to do is visit to the British museum in London!

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Furthermore, if you are really into art you should visit Tate Modern.  This modern art gallery is located in London, and it will allow you to enjoy exhibitions and galleries which will truly be an amazing experience during your holiday.

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